Paul John Nirvana | Review

The newest single malt from Paul John Whisky – India’s renowned whisky distillery & award winning Single Malt, is an absolute sipping delight! Paul John Nirvana is an unpeated single malt whisky distilled entirely from six row barley, and matured in American Oak casks, much like bourbon.

Although it doesn’t have an age statement, NIRVANA is skillfully aged and proofed. At 40 percent ABV, Nirvana is not chill-filtered with no added colour.

Review and Tasting Notes:

Colour: Deep Copper

Nose: An attractive smell of creamy sweetness with notes of freshly baked fruitcake, with faint hint of vanilla and candied fruits. Complex and rich, with a light whiff of enticing caramel pudding.

Palate: Spicy notes make way for honey, butterscotch and fruity sweetness. Drying oak, vanilla and chewy barley mix with apples, cinnamon, ginger and bits of bourbon. Hints of fruitcake in the background with something coastal.

Finish: Warming long, and richly flavored with dissolving honey, barley, oak and succulent vanilla.

Verdict: Nirvana is an absolutely delight and a great dram to have in your whisky collection this festive season.

Overall, NIRVANA is created for those who seek greater heights and who enjoy creating their own path. Nirvana is an expression for those willing and keen to experience single malts, especially for the first time.

Vishal Fernandes

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