What to expect when you stay at a Holiday Inn Express

“Travelling is super expensive, the accommodation costs are way too high“

“I can’t find the right hotel that fits in my budget”

“Why Can’t I find a hotel that provides basic amenities and just comfy breakfast” ?

I am sure, one of these thoughts must’ve crossed your mind when you start budgeting your travel plans. Accommodation can turn into one of the main expenditure items along with your flight tickets, but that doesn’t have to be expensive! Holiday Inn Express from the umbrella InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) are modern, uncomplicated and offers competitive rates for both business and leisure travelers.

With a network of over 2700 Holiday Inn Express hotel locations and IHG-SAMHI partnership (Read more about it here), Indian travelers can now rest, recharge and get a little work done at 14 Holiday Inn Express Hotels located across key cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai & Kolkata.

What to expect when you stay at a Holiday Inn Express ? Well, Value Rich and Hassle free stays.

Location: Almost all the Holiday Inn Express Hotels are located in prime locations and just a stone throw distance from major attractions, markets, restaurants etc.

Express Check In: Seamless Express check-in that takes less than 5 minutes.

Express Start Breakfast : The all-inclusive Express Start breakfast is definitely worth forfeiting your post-alarm snooze. From all English options to local flavors and a wide array of beverages – the buffet spread is sure to pump you up for the rest of the day.

Grab & Go breakfast: An option made for travelers who are always on the go, running late or catching an early breakfast one can Grab & Go a free breakfast.

Express Essentials: Plenty of Plugs in useful places. Universal Charges. The multi-tasking alarm clock will wake you up and also turns into a Bluetooth speaker and FM radio plus it has USB port too. Free WiFi upto 3 devices.

Express Recharge: Clean Rooms, Comfy Beds, Pillow menu, hot showers – Express Recharge is everything you need to recharge yourself for a long day on the road.

24/7 Fitness Center: Been in the car or sitting in a conference all day ? Stretch your legs and burn off some calories at the 24/7 Fitness rooms that features elliptical machines, treadmill, stationary bike and weight equipments to accommodate all sorts of light and intense exercise routines.

IHG Rewards Club : As a participating IHG Rewards Club hotel, members can redeem points for room nights, meals etc. If you are a frequent traveler, joining IHG Rewards Club is a no-brainer.

Now that you’ve read through this list, book now to experience Holiday Inn Express for yourself !

Vishal Fernandes

Vishal Fernandes is a seasoned traveller and a widely recognized blogger who has established himself as an authority on all things luxury. He loves wearing a blazer and has a fine collection of brogues. Vishal can mainly be found travelling the world and stopping off at some of the best hotels sampling their food & wines, or at some of the most prolific events. Along with his love for Food, Travel and wines, comes a massive enthusiasm for cars & watches.

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