Cascara – Coffee or Tea ?

If you are someone who is interested in the specialty coffee scene, you may have noticed the use of “Cascara” popping up everywhere recently. But what exactly is this Cascara ?

Cascara is Spanish for “skin” or “husk”.  Coffee beans in itself is the seed of a fruit, typically referred to as the coffee cherry. The seeds are removed from the fruit, which is usually discarded. However, these fruit skins can also be dried and then brewed as a beverage that is somewhere in between tea and coffee.

Although it comes from the coffee plant, Cascara doesn’t actually taste much like coffee. It has a much more rich-fruity flavor to it. I recently got to try it for the first time at my favorite and award winning Roastery Coffee House that started producing this delicious drink in both warm and cold format.

Two years of running around to many coffee farms in India, many sleepless nights for brewing and then we produced India’s first Cascara drink. It’s 100 % organic and 100% vegan, higher antioxidants than strawberries, higher potassium than a banana and rich in minerals” Says Nishant, owner of Roastery Coffee House who takes pride in the fact that this product will only generate more income to the coffee farmers.

Once forgotten, overshadowed by coffee as a by-product of the coffee drying process and often not reused and rejected as waste – Cascara find a new home upcycled into a premium beverage.

Vishal Fernandes

Vishal Fernandes is a seasoned traveller and a widely recognized blogger who has established himself as an authority on all things luxury. He loves wearing a blazer and has a fine collection of brogues. Vishal can mainly be found travelling the world and stopping off at some of the best hotels sampling their food & wines, or at some of the most prolific events. Along with his love for Food, Travel and wines, comes a massive enthusiasm for cars & watches.

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