2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Review – The Best Car In The World Just Got Better


They say you haven’t really experienced Mercedes Benz’s lofty standards if you haven’t driven or experienced an S-class. A car that stands at the pinnacle of everything the three-point star stands for and perhaps the best car in the world.



As the automotive industry has witnessed time and again over the years, with each new Mercedes S-class variant comes innovative technology never before seen on a car. The S-class has always been a game-changer. So where did it all begin?



Often the premier showpiece of Mercedes-Benz‘s top performance and luxury comfort, the first time the company’s largest sedan was referred to as the S-Class was in 1972. The first generation luxury sedan model gave the S-Class a reputation for powerful, modern appearance and also invested heavily in promoting safety. From then on S-Class continued to develop tremendously that it is now symbolic of a genre – a supreme reward for a sophisticated way of life.



With the refreshed 2018 S class launching with a host of cosmetic changes, advanced driving aids, and a brand new engine, can the S-Class continue to be the technological tour-de-force not only in luxury segment but in the automotive world?? My verdict – Yes! The 2018 Mercedes Benz S-Class confidently, quietly and comfortably continues to define the modern luxury.



The self-proclaimed “Best car in the world” has 6500 new parts, and that’s if you count the new engines as one part. I’d call this an incremental improvement, but at its core, the new S-Class is what it already was. It’s big, smooth, imposing sedan, loaded with technology and dynamic potential.



The 2018 S-Class is not just intelligent, but also responsible luxury – it’s the first ever “Made in India, for India” BS VI car a benchmark that is developed more than two years in advance of the BS VI deadline. The lineup of the new 2018 S-Class begins with S350 and S450, each of which features a 3.0 liter V6 Biturbo engine offering 286 and 367 horsepower and 281and 362 bhp of peak torque respectively. This engine is also paired with a 9G-Tronic 9-speed automatic transmission that propels the diesel model to do a 0-100 kmph sprint in 6 seconds, while the petrol one does it in 5.1 seconds. Both versions come with a top speed of 250kmph.



In the exteriors, the designers took full advantage of the S-Class’s prodigious footprint and draped a sinewy, elegant body over it. Its elegant styling and powerful presence mean the drivers have to get used to turning a few heads on the road. It is stylish yet appropriately discreet at the same time. It comes in 14 exterior color options to capture one’s own personal style. Once you get closer to the car, you’ll notice the new S-Class gets a revised front grille and bumper, bigger air intakes and tweaked LED headlights. The facelift S-Class also gets a new set of wheels as compared to the older car. Another bonus is the semi-autonomous parking and a 360-degree camera available that makes life as easy as possible.



High-quality materials define the interior of the S-Class. The cabin is meticulously finished with high-quality metal detailing, real wood, bespoke switchgear, and swathes of double-stitched leather. The new S-Class even gets new seats with a new fragrance function along with the obvious cooled, heated and massaging options.



On the infotainment, the S-Class is loaded with advanced technology and modern conveniences that elevates your driving experience. With a sleek and sophisticated allure that is quite irresistible, the S-Class gets two new 12.3 high definition screens that make up the infotainment and the central command unit. Together they show numerous functions – everything from navigation maps and your phone contacts to vehicle settings. You can control the main screen using a rotary controller or touchpad on the center console, while the screen in front of the driver is controlled using touch-sensitive pads on the steering wheel. The system also offers impressive integration for smartphones thanks to standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as online connections to services including Facebook, Google or music streaming apps.



Considering the 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is pretty much the best luxury sedan in the world, pricing is set accordingly. The diesel variant starts at Rs.1.33 crore while the Petrol one starts at 1.37 crore. But, despite the steep price tag, the S-Class is a stunning achievement of form, function, luxury, performance, and technology that surpasses every expectation for a vehicle of this class.

PS: Thanks to the wonderful folks at Mahavir Motors for all the cooperation.


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